Kerr Global uses GEOTAB exclusively because it is the industry leading platform.

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Reduced fuel costs. Reduced cell phone bills. Reduced insurance premiums. Ability to verify and prove overtime. Significantly increased productivity. Ability to prove any private mileage for tax purposes.

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We will come to you to install your GPS fleet tracking hardware and software.

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At Kerr Global Communications, you will be assigned an experienced Project Manager to coordinate the implementation; once the system is running on all vehicles, you will be continuously supported by both a dedicated Account Manager and our in house technical support team.

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The Professional Approach

We have over 140 service technicians across Canada and we are also part of the largest 12V installation network in North America.  However large your fleet, no matter how spread out it is, we have the installation and service infrastructure to support any size fleet - in any location.

At Kerr Global, we know that an effective project begins well before the installers arrive on site.  Starting with in-depth discovery to uncover all aspects of the project, our project management team will collect all the necessary information on the vehicles, the client's infrastructure, and environment, to have our installers well prepared for the installation of our GPS system, and plan for future projects, so that there are no surprises for our clients. 

Installation, combined with ongoing training and support by our team is what makes the Kerr Global GPS offering the best in the business.